Outlook 2017 Special Issue

NEW: 70 page Outlook 2017 Forecasting issue (PDF)
All this and more will be covered in this NEW issue:

  1. Specific forecasts for Canadian and American real estate markets
  2. 20+ years of statistics across Canada
  3. Forecast for 2017 for Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Okanagan plus Phoenix, Las Vegas, and other US markets
  4. 5 best place to invest in Canada
  5. 5 best places to invest in the US
  6. 5 best suburbs in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix and Las Vegas for cashflow
  7. 5 best ski resorts with potential
  8. 5 best small towns in BC
  9. 5 best towns in Alberta
  10. What to buy and what not to buy

As part of the forward look, we also give you a major 15 year comparison for listings, prices and sales for all major markets.

Today everyone is peppered with real estate information. Monthly, quarterly, annual statistics. Number of sales, listings etc., etc. Facts! We are peppered with facts every week. The real estate board facts. The Real Estate Association numbers. The Greek crisis scare. The dollar scare … up or down?

It’s information noise.

The Jurock Real Estate Insider Outlook 2017 also analyzes the facts but it also will tell you what the information means … and more important what it might mean to you as to your buying, selling, leasing and investing decision making.

These are turbulent times. You need experience, you need hands-on know-how, you need a TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESSFUL FORECASTING.

While you will have to make the final decisions yourself, the Outlook issue will clarify your thinking, help you make decisions that will help your real estate investments grow and teach you to avoid the pitfalls that still lurk in so many real estate products and areas.

The 2017 Outlook issue is included in the full 12 months Facts By Email subscription.

The 2017 Outlook issue will ship in January, 2017.

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