Springboard to Real Estate Action, Feb. 10-11

Free 2 hour workshop in Vancouver & Burnaby

On Feb. 10th and 11th, Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case will present to you:

  •  The 5 critical skills for Real Estate investing success in any market.
  •  Action Plan strategies to reach your goals
  •  7 Secrets for creating a mega portfolio

Plus FREE special reports

  •  “Joint-venture secrets” – How to successfully structure Joint-ventures.
  •  “Real Estate SELF EVALUATION” – So you know where you are today and where you need to be.
  •  “A New Paradigm in Real Estate: The Quantum Leap” – Ralph’s chapter in the bestseller Trendsetters

This event is FREE but you must register to attend.

Register at realestate2016.ca or by calling Max at 604.683.1111

Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie helps members build an action plan toward real estate success with his Real Estate Action Group, arming investors with the best information and insights possible with his Jurock Real Estate Insider. More info OzzieJurock.com

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