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April 2017

March Market Report

By | 2017-04-08T12:39:43+00:00 April 8th, 2017|Hot Tip|

  • Sales higher in Toronto (+18%) Calgary (+20%) and Edmonton
  • Sales lower in Vancouver (-31%), Fraser Valley and Victoria (-17%)
  • Toronto sales of 12,077 are more than Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Victoria and Kelowna (10,751) together
  • Average prices higher ALL CITIES, down in Vancouver
  • Alberta jobs higher in March (highest percentage increase in Canada)
  • SF homes and condo sales have decoupled in the Lower Mainland

Normal General rules

Sales higher, listings lower = prices higher later

Sales lower, listings higher = prices lower

NOW in Vancouver – THE NEW NORMAL:

Sales lower and listings lower … prices hanging in there


  1. Last March/April sales were at all-time highs. Likely, we are […]