• Land Rush 2021 Tickets

    Join our REAL ESTATE MARKET forecast event Feb. 27, 2021
    (Please note, while we believe that we will have the physical conference in February, if the conference cannot be held because of restrictions on assembly, your ticket will be good if we are allowed to hold the full physical event - or a Zoom forecast if not).
  • Recording of the Land Rush Real Estate 2020/2021 conference, Sept. 19, 2020. Access to the private Landrush video available by September 22/23. For more info see
  • Learn while you drive, Ozzie's new and revised USB 25 Real Estate Investment Principles.
  • Real Estate Action 2.0

    Real estate expert and bestselling author Ozzie Jurock brings together 47 real estate professionals and some newbies who "can" and continue to "do." It draws on their experience and expertise in order to bring to you an insider's view on essential real estate subjects, ranging from making the right purchase for first-time buyers to what the keys are to becoming a successful investor. See for more info.
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    These thought starter cards are designed to help you grow into your own wondrous, rousing, vibrant and adventurous … future best. (Get it now for only $24.95 - Limited supply available)
  • You've all heard 'Location, location, location,' ad nauseum. Everybody's answer to real estate investment. Yet, it's a myth. This book dispels that and a dozen other myths. It is not the 'Location, location' cry we should remember, but rather learn to understand that acting on 'timing' and 'trend' has made and will continue to make the real fortunes.
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