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Thought Starter Cards

Thought Starter Cards
How to grow into your future best
Where Ozzie offers something brand new…
… 51 card set: “How to grow into my future best” – 51 cards designed to motivate us into action.
These thought starter cards are designed to help all of us grow into our own wondrous, rousing, vibrant and adventurous … future best.
Feel good, have fun, enjoy the cards as they may help to inspire, cajole, nurture and enhance your life to the fullest. Hopefully, they may jog a memory, create a smile and a nod from you.
Grow into your future best.
You’ll love ’em
Cheers, Ozzie Testimonial: Dear Ozzie: I won’t be there as I am in Ireland, I have to tell you I have had your I will grow into my future best cards with me as I cycle through the country. I have found them so helpful as I go through life. You won’t be remembering me but you gave me wise advice regarding buying a place years ago, and I did, and now at 71 myself I am benefitting from that decision.. would love to meet you when I return to Vancouver. I wonder if those cards touched others like they did me, and it is ironic that I get one of your group mailings here in Galway Ireland (I have 2 or 3 cards in my pocket right now!) Your way of working, presenting and above all your spiritual philosophy is fabulous! Thank you, D.L.

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