December 2018

Oz Buzz Podcast #7: Dr. Mike Racich – Live Our Lives to the Fullest

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Painless dentistry – Our guest is Dr. Mike Racich – Vancouver BC dentist, lecturer and author. His latest book is ‘The Basic Rules of Being A Dental Patient‘. Mike talks about professionalism and most importantly, what to, where and how to find the right healthcare providers. The goal: live our lives to the fullest. As Mike likes to say, “My glass is always half full … except when I am on vacation!”.

November 2018

Oz Buzz Podcast #6: Jeff Fawcett: Balance Between Personal Passions and Business

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Our guest is Jeff Fawcett – business man of the year, real estate investor and great raconteur. Jeff talks about balance between personal passions (golf, Italy, wine) and business. Jeff and wife Cindy are married 30 years and run a wildly successful insurance agency. His words ‘Balance leads to Passion, Passion leads to fun’.

Oz Buzz Podcast #5: David Siebenga – Inventing Opportunities and What is a Security?

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Ozzie talks to David Siebenga http://strategicgateways.com about inventing opportunities and what is a security. It’s a tough and expensive market out there and how do you protect yourself? How to review deals, joint ventures (jvs), syndicates and evaluate “champions”. With a background of law and business for 30+ years, David takes his pragmatic attitude to the bewildering world of securities and jvs which poses the idea: “why don’t you be your own champion and get a following?” You have to try! Listen and give him a call… […]

Oz Buzz Podcast #4: Rick Dubord – Real Estate and Technology

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Ozzie Jurock talks to Rick Dubord – http://homelifewhiterock.ca/Rick-Dubord – about how technology is changing the real estate business including artificial intelligence and disruptors such as Zillow moving into the Canadian market. They also discuss the new real estate reality in BC and how it’s affecting brokers and salespeople.

Oz Buzz Podcast #2: Kyle Green – Ace Mortgage Broker

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It is a privilege to feature Kyle Green – http://greenmortgageteam.ca – Kyle has been working as a mortgage broker since 2006, and has carved out a niche as an investment property specialist since 2008. His years of experience working with the Real Estate Action Group and many other investors and investment groups has made him one of the go-to resources for financing investment properties in Canada.

October 2018

Oz Buzz Podcast #1: Janet Lepage – $1 Billion in real estate in 5 years

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  • It is a privilege to feature Janet Lepage. How she transacted OVER $1 BILLION in real estate in under 5 years. Her company Western Wealth Corporation bought over 50 apartment buildings, 10,000 units in 5 CITIES across the US NATION in under 5 years!
  • She also won the prestigious Veuve Cliquot Canadian business woman of the year
  • Was in Business in Vancouver’s top 40 Under 40
  • Won the Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year for real estate and construction pacific region.
  • In a very matter of fact and down to earth way she shares her incredible success […]

April 2017