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June 2015

Germany real estate deals

By |2015-08-01T18:53:53+00:00June 30th, 2015|Hot Tip|

Germany never saw a collapse like Southern Europe, Spain, Portugal and the like. Prices stayed the same. Never declined. But now real estate is really on the way UP in all major cities.

We said 3 years ago in our annual forecast that we felt Berlin and most other German cities were undervalued. Since then prices have risen to such an extent (and with it rents) that it is making headlines and TV shows in Germany.

Rents are actually a lot higher and are up:

– Munich are up 29 %

– Frankfurt 23% and

– Cologne up 25% in a year

So are prices, Germany real estate deals:

– […]

May 2015

It is not always the lowest rate that is the most important aspect of your mortgage

By |2015-07-26T12:24:50+00:00May 30th, 2015|Hot Tip|

Discuss a list of items you should ask about your broker or bank when negotiating your next mortgage:

– How much can I prepay per year with no penalty?

– When can I make these payments?

– How much can I increase my payments per year?

– What is the penalty to break my mortgage? (most are 3 month penalty, with fixed terms having a potential Interest Rate Differential Penalty)

– How is my IRD penalty calculated? (major banks have a really nasty calculation for their penalties that could cost you 2.5 times more than a “non-bank” lender)

– Am I guaranteed your best rate when I lock […]

Hot Tip – Foreclosures in Calgary?

By |2015-07-26T12:24:50+00:00May 19th, 2015|Hot Tip|

They are showing up. Some private listings claiming foreclosure are turning up on Calgary's Kijiji (we counted 32 this week) and Craigslist, but they may not be true court-ordered sales. Calgary realtor Stephen McDonald of CIR Realty, (403-680-0799) which handles foreclosures, counted a total of 55 judicial listings of residential property and 60 'bank owned' listings within a one-hour drive of downtown Calgary this week. McKenzie Towne 2-storey detached house for $319,000. Here are two MLS: 1. Detached 3 bedroom house in NW Calgary, under a Court of Queen Bench foreclosure. 2. 1,044 square foot townhouse in SE Calgary. In foreclosure, offers to be presented to Court. More details at www.factsbyemail.com