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November 2018

Oz Buzz #12

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“There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up.”

OZ BUZZ #12 plus Hot Properties

  • West Van: $300,000 price reduction
  • Edmonton: $950,000 assessed, pay $780,000 – only $50,000 down
  • Chilliwack: Better than new -could be rent to own

“There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up.”  ― Rex Stout, Death of a Doxy


Today’s issue:

Vote NO. Bring ridesharing NOW. The Numbers tell  the story like nothing else. New Binge show. Ozzie on air. 

! Vote No on BC proportional representation.
RIDESHARING (IN BC). Bring in ride […]

October 2018

Oz Buzz #11

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“Congress can raise taxes because it can persuade a sizable fraction of the populace that somebody else will pay.”

OZBUZZ #11 plus Hot Properties


Today’s issue: Italy won’t listen. QT shakes markets? Interest rates. Taxes add 26% to condo cost. New Binge shows. Listen to TED TALK show on millennials. Ozzie on air. People don’t do what you expect; they do what you inspect with respect.

Comments From You

  • ‘Behzat’ is back on Netflix. Great show.
  • I just loved the book “Never fight with a pig” by Peter Thomas.
  • I was curious on the shotgun […]

Oz Buzz #10

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“There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.” 

Today’s ‘Mover and Shaker’ interview/podcast features a fabulous lady that accumulated 10,000 condos and over $1 billion in real estate – all in under 5 years. How she did it and her down to earth advice!
The September numbers need study.
3 Vancouver Hot Properties


  • If you are swinging the bat – there will be strike outs. Don’t beat yourself up
  • The biggest […]

Oz Buzz #9

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Questions, Questions

Ok, ok … I already have an elevated opinion of myself…but the flood of friendly congratulatory remarks about our OUTLOOK conference made my week! Thank you. Also, the Q and A section got 19 positive replies. You may think that with over 7,500 subscribers, 19 replies aren’t much … but actually in this ‘age of always wanting to do something, but not doing it’ – 19 actual replies is massive. In any case we have another Q and A today.

Q: I understand that the competition bureau has won a battle […]

September 2018

21 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster

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( These are just suggestions. Work out the details with your preferred realtor. Much success! Ozzie) #Ozbuzz

When selling a home (or anything else for that matter), the marketing effort must be coordinated on all fronts. It also must be superior to the competition.This is especially true in a buyers’ market where the homes sitting on the market seemingly outnumber the potential homebuyers.

In such an environment, you must lift your home out from this crowdand highlight it in the best way […]

Oz Buzz #8

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COME TO REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK 2019…The quintessential conference!
This week September 22 – all day at the Pinnacle
Vancouver Harbourfront
Look below for speakers and sponsors

Q & A

Q: Ozzie: In the former newsletter you had a question and answer column. Can you bring that back?
A: From time to time. Yes.

Q: How do I get a list of assignments of pre-sales?
A: Go to craigslist.com or kijiji.com and sometimes at realestatetalks.com and look under ‘assignments’ or ‘assignment’. Then look for by owner and by realtor. As of today, there are 72 offered. There are some offers I know of, […]

Oz Buzz #7

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“We’re all born under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon”


Today’s issue: Several comments: Lots of responses on all things real estateA doer’s book – how to trigger a $27 million shotgun clause. Ozzie on air. Real Estate tidbits. Because we let them-We are a kiss-ass generation-Interest rates-Canada dollar. Eyebrow raiser – Clint Eastwood


Jamie Diamond – who we quoted in regards to the Bitcoin issue – is Chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, not Goldman Sachs (Lloyd Blankfein is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs). Sorry!


Hot Property – Abbotsford pre-market sale townhouse, $299,000

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  1. For the small budget: Abbotsford – pre market sale: Exclusive bright, freshly renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse. Updates include laminate flooring, carpet, paint, kitchen & bathroom cabinetry and all appliances. Rentals allowed! $299,000
  2. For the bigger budget: Vancouver’s West Side:
    Only $2,900,000! Assessed Value is $3,655,900! 6377 sq. ft. 52′ x 122.63′ lot on quiet street in beautiful Arbutus neighbourhood. 2 story plus basement 5 bedroom 3 bath older home.
  3. For the big budget: Elegant Chateau in a heart of Kitsilano. 3019 West 13th Avenue. The ultimate home for those seeking unparalleled quality & style. Living Area: 2,700 sq. ft. Bed: […]

August 2018

Hot Property: Nanaimo Half Acre Site $525,000

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Just a brief mention that when we featured the hot property “Auction in Alberta” here … 30 lots sold out in a few hours. Fully serviced lots sold as low as $18,000, average price $33,000!

Nanaimo: Price – $525,000
Half acre site in Departure Bay with approved dev. permit for 2 lot subdivision. Currently has a 3 bed/2 bath rancher with income of $1700 a month to cover carrying costs while you service the sites. Great neighbourhood.

Nanaimo Price – $479,900
Recently reduced central Nanaimo home with suite on corner lot. Lots of updates, great option for investment property.

DISCLAIMER: View any posting on […]

Oz Buzz #6

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Today’s issue: Several comments: Do more on the world view/Do more details on real estate/ Love Behzat/Do it weekly. Lots of responses on all things real estate.

A thinkers book. Ozzie on air. Bitcoin. Tesla. Inflation. Turkish Delight. Investment tip. Real Estate tidbits. US slowing. NZ may do it. Because we let them. False news. Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality.


TURKISH DELIGHT?Ok, not funny. Already at an ALL TIME low, Turkey’s currency collapsed by a further 30% in the last two weeks. The world’s news was full of ‘contagion’, banks to worry about, etc. […]