Tony Neumeyer

Tony is a top-selling author, international speaker, business and personal coach, investor and entrepreneur. Tony’s first book, The 7 Minute Millionaire: How To Think Yourself Rich, has helped thousands of people create “Power Habits of Success”, resulting in better relationships, health and personal wealth in as little as seven minutes a day by using his unique task-based “Personal Programming Message” (PPM) strategy.

He has spoken on stage with people such as Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Doug Wead and many others. He’s often called the “productivity and accountability guy.” Tony helps people transition from employee to entrepreneur without risking their savings or the safety net of a current job. He’s shown thousands how to start online businesses and get more done in less time to triple, and in some cases increase their incomes by a factor of 10.

His passion is helping people create what he has coined, “The Wifi Lifestyle” and “Perpetual Wealth.” Tony says, “You can have either or both; it’s a decision anyone can make. An entrepreneurial mindset is just the start. You must have the right processes in place to create permanent, abundant and growing success.”

You can get a FREE copy of Tony’s report about creating Perpetual Wealth at: www.perpetualwealthreport.com

You can also contact him through: support@tonyneumeyer.com

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