• 5-Plex on East 1st Ave in East Vancouver with a CAP rate of 4.17%
  • Potential for development of four story condos if 3-4 lots are assembled
  • All units currently tenanted at market rent with an NOI of $89,657, fully renovated
  • $2,149,000
  • lot size 33 by 124.5


Courtney, BC, SF home has beautiful ocean views, a completely renovated interior, on  a lot which is almost half an acre, with a fairytale setting in nature, that you can build a detached Carriage house or Coach house on. It also has an assumable CIBC 5-year closed first mortgage at 2.69% with 51 months left, blendable.


2 WATERFRONT (On Fraser river), 2-semi waterfront – all in gated waterfront community.

Sewer, hydro etc. all on lot line – all 4 lots $99,000

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