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What is OzBuzz? Well, it essentially features from time to time my – often quirky opinions of the world, what I read, listen to, and my “LIVE LIFE LARGE “pearls of wisdoms. I will also interview people from time to time that I find interesting or direct you to an existing video or radio piece.

Having just watched Germany score in overtime – together with a 1,000 yelling people at the Alpen Club, I really comprehend this quote now:

“There is no art which government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people.” –Adam Smith

Oz Buzz June 22




Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari.

I was given this book as a gift and at a quick glance it seemed like a difficult read. However, after I got past the first two chapters, the book fascinated me. The author’s view about liberalism and its various inventions historically and current, and his conclusions regarding the future of liberalism – truly astounding! Homo Deus deals more with the abilities acquired by humans throughout their existence, and their evolution as the dominant species in the world. The book describes mankind’s current abilities and achievements and attempts to paint an image of the future. Many philosophical issues are discussed, such as the human experience, individualism, human emotion and consciousness. The conclusions – may explain today’s world and a potential future…


One of my favourite mellow singers is ‘A Fine Frenzy’. Her songs Ashes and Wine and Almost Lover reflected my mood this week.


Ok, do you love David Suzuki? Then this is not for you.



Want to buy foreclosures in the US? Auctions? Listen to my interview with US Foreclosure expert Brad Norman on my YouTube channel.


I received a half a dozen comments on my “world view”. Some of you put me into the “pro-Trump” corner, others debate the Canadian dollar and my view on Italy. I have not responded to them individually, because I am only interested in what people/populations in various countries do, not what anyone’s view on what politicians/CNN/FOX espouse.

The reason? If people are unhappy wherever they are, and they’re looking for a safe place to put their money, that may/will affect real estate values in Vancouver.

Italy is now in a crisis of survival. The new right-wing governments goal is to leave the union, no matter what they currently say. After the 2ndworld war, Italy was able to live – together with its sovereign neighbours – literally without much work or effort. They lived on the continuous devaluations of the Lira. After they joined the EU, all of a sudden, they had to live with the Euro. That meant creating huge debts to the Northern European Nations, and the ECB. That debt will never be repaid…everyone pretends they don’t know…and the can has been kicked down the street for years. However, if now the world believed that Italy would leave and thereby default on its mountainous debt (which will never be repaid – unless they can get to devalue its currency) we would have a massive collapse in the Euro, and indeed the European Common market.

With that hanging over the world (and its banks) heads already, it is an easy call to make that continued inward migration into safe Canada (safe banks, safe stock markets, great school system) is highly attractive. The FIRE organization which rates investment from Foreigners in the countries – places Canada (for safety) as the No.3 in the world for foreign real estate investment already.

That’s why I’m interested in what countries do (Brexit, Italy’s right-wing, Germany’s Merkel retiring, etc.) rather than debate Trump, Trudeau, or Merkel and their personalities.

I stick with my predictions on the

  • Canadian dollar (down) unless NAFTA is signed and even then, it will continue its downward spiral after momentary blip upwards. NAFTA is not likely to be signed.
  • US will raise interest rates 4 times. They are now at 2%. The US is not alone. Hongkong just raised to 2.25%…
  • Real Estate values will rise long term after dips as long a we keep on creating money out of thin air. (I wrote about and predicted this in my first book “Forget About Location, Location, Location” in 1998)



  1. I am looking forward to the June numbers, which will show 6 months’ worth of results of the impact of the stress tests and the much tougher mortgage qualification regulations. I remain unshakeable convinced that we live in the world’s most unreported inflation of all time and that the extra money we are creating out of thin air will result in higher prices. But, not this year. More next week.
  2. Laneway housing

With the city of Vancouver contemplating rezoning residential to duplex, etc. etc. the question of laneway houses or duplex annexes is arising again.

You must be very careful before you build one! Why?

  1. It will always MORE expensive than you think. You think $300,000 – it will likely be $500,000. (Permits, sewer and utilities hookups. Count on $40,000 to $50,000.)
  2. On a 33-foot lot you lose you back yard.
  3. Most important! You will lose a portion of your tax-free capital gain (that portion maybe 25% – 35%!)

Take a pen and paper…work it out…talk to people that build one and study how long it would take to get the money back thru tenant’s rental income – apart from now being a landlord – with all that entails.


Barbeque causes cancer? Globe says: Yes! BUT… Doctors in Britain say, “Marinating the meat in beer keeps bad cancer forming HCA.” All beer, but dark beer is even better!


  • Greens may/will defeat the speculation tax
  • There is a 60% chance for an early BC election
  • The question of election procedure changes in BC – when released – will astound you. It’s fixed.



Why do we use the same phrases and words over and over?


Literally (always used whenever it is NOT literal)
At the end of the day … (used by everybody at the end of every statement)


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I spent three months this year cruising via French Polynesia, Australia, Bali and the Philippines.

I also spent the last two weeks in Rocky Mountains’ Kimberley. I always end up with a sense of wonder about what a beautiful world we live in and how often we just do not see it.

The world is indeed a wonderful place. Don’t just plan on smelling the roses, get out of the car, bend down and stick one in your ear!

Have a great week and grow into your future best self!

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