All the talk about Greece has everyone’s head spinning. People in Europe have mixed feelings.

Spain together with Italy/Portugal and a many others are watching Greece with interest. The worry by the thinkers here is that the left wing parties would gain strength if Greece is perceived to be winning (ie. will win a foregiveness of 50% of debt again). In fact Spain and Portugal the “anti-austerity parties” growing dramatic support (let’s stop paying the debts) and there is great sympathy for them.

The shocker was that yesterday Austrian Parliament faced an EXIT THE EU petition of 256,000 (collected in a week) that want to force a new stance with Brussels.

The crazy part is that everyone realizes … Greece is a pimple – 1.8 % of Europe GDP.  China stocks lost 2.8 trillion in last 3 weeks … more than 10 times all of Greek GDP! However the German finance minister is becoming a hero in Germany.

Next week in Jurock’s Real Estate Insider … … what it means for Canadian Real Estate.