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Canadian housing market - doomed? 0

Canadian housing market – doomed?

There are a lot of doomers out there about the Canadian housing market. First, there was Deutsche Bank as well as our Central Banker Poloz that saw us 30% overvalued. Now CMHC is raising a...

Cap rate - One of the most difficult and perplexing problems for realtors and investors 1

What is a cap rate anyhow?

Investors are always searching for profit or yield, but how do you know what actual cash flow there comes out of a given property? Well, Real Estate investors – small and large – use...

germany 0

Germany real estate deals

Germany never saw a collapse like Southern Europe, Spain, Portugal and the like. Prices stayed the same. Never declined. But now real estate is really on the way UP in all major cities. We...

Vancouver 0

Foreign ownership debate

Foreign ownership not a good thing. The foreigner pays the money to a Vancouverite who spends it here. Local speculation may be the culprit. The debate on the Jurock Real Estate Insider Hotline www.factsbyemail.com


Hot Tip – Foreclosures in Calgary?

They are showing up. Some private listings claiming foreclosure are turning up on Calgary’s Kijiji (we counted 32 this week) and Craigslist, but they may not be true court-ordered sales. Calgary realtor Stephen McDonald of CIR Realty, (403-680-0799) which handles foreclosures, counted a total of 55 judicial listings of residential property and 60 ‘bank owned’ listings within a one-hour drive of downtown Calgary this week.

McKenzie Towne 2-storey detached house for $319,000. Here are two MLS:

1. Detached 3 bedroom house in NW Calgary, under a Court of Queen Bench foreclosure.

2. 1,044 square foot townhouse in SE Calgary. In foreclosure, offers to be presented to Court.

More details at www.factsbyemail.com