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URGENT NOTE: Your Home Profit Is Now Taxable (In Part!)

The Trudeau Liberals announced that you now have to report the sale of your home on your income tax return. Up until now when you sold your ‘primary residence’, you didn’t have to pay any taxes on the money you may have made as profit.

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Farmland Tax

If you own farmland … get ready for the foreign tax applied to it. (See more at www.factsbyemail.com)   NEW! Christmas Offers!    


Old low rise apartment buildings are the ticket

Old, low-rise rental apartment buildings in New Westminster are now selling for around $160,000 per door and for upwards of $440,000 per door in Burnaby’s Metrotown! But, prices are also rising in Surrey, Langley and as...

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Hong Kong is Crashing?

A sharp reversal in Hong Kong home sales. Condos down 20%. Some panic selling (South China Morning Post). Further, the local Centaline Property Agency estimates that total Hong Kong property transactions in January were the worst month...