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Dear Friends,

I feel good growing into my future best.

We can live a life of unlimited personal growth. The choices we make determine the outcome. Growing into my personal future best has driven me all my life … and I know that any age … that there is another “future best” Ozzie out there.

There is also another ‘future best’ YOU out there!

These thought starter cards are designed to help you grow into your own wondrous, rousing, vibrant and adventurous … future best.

Feel good, have fun, enjoy the cards. Perhaps they will inspire, cajole, direct or nurture you into you own future best. Hopefully, they may jog a memory, create a smile and a nod from you.

The words by themselves won’t do it… You have to do your own thinking – your own action. In the end, all joyful life is in the doing.

You may recognize some of these words, as much of the wisdom here comes from people who have lived before us. From folks sense to proverbs, to great sages and venerable prophets.

I urge you to keep growing into your own future best with the Thought Starter Cards.

You’ll love ’em