New condo in Abbotsford


New condo in Abbotsford … only $129,900.

Developer may pay 1st year mortgage, 1st year strata fees and 1st year taxes.

Also he may guarantee rent for 2 years.

Only til October 5.

Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie helps members build an action plan toward real estate success with his Real Estate Action Group, arming investors with the best information and insights possible with his Jurock Real Estate Insider. More info

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  1. Bonnie Sherman says:

    I am wondering – what is the vacancy rate of this area, building… are there difficulties filling the units? Can you tell me more detail about the apt itself: sq footage, details of the apt please, demographics of renters…..why not buy a house, is there a demand for condos?
    Why the incentives?
    Thank you!
    BOnnie SHerman

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